Egg Drop Challenge

Vincent Van Gogh

1st and 2nd Class have been learning all about the life and work of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. One of the children researched an extra fascinating fact about Van Gogh. You can read it below. Another child painted a lovely picture inspired by Van Gogh’s “Sunflower” painting.

Pet Day

As part of our Pet Day activities some children in 1st and 2nd Class wrote poems, drew pictures and completed informational writing activities about their pet. One child even wrote about their dream pet! 🐕

Alannah’s Polytunnel 

Look at all those yummy vegetables!!!

1st and 2nd Class staying connected by photograph. Enjoy!!!! 

Science Experiment

Recently one of the children completed the suggested science experiment:

 “How do plants respond to light?” 

Below, you can see the results of this experiment.

Junk Art and 3- D shapes

1st and 2nd Class have been busy learning about different materials in Science and 3- D shapes in Maths. They used a variety of materials and 3 – D shapes to build junk art constructions. Below you can see some of their fabulous constructions to date.


by Annika


Beautiful Thankful Jars created by 1st and 2nd Class

Planet Art

1st and 2nd Class have been exploring Space this week! Their suggested art  was to design the planets and place them in the correct order. Below you can see their creative art projects to date 😊