Water Safety

Please remember to complete the 3 steps to water safety to become a PAWS hero!

Step 1


Read and discuss this presentation with your child

Step 2

Complete these fun activities

Step 3

Become a PAWS Hero and apply for your PAWS Hero certificate


Irish Slideshow

Check out this slideshow to revise some of the themes covered this year. You may even recognise the characters!! They will help you practice.😊 I will be adding new themes each week. Ms Lundie

Taispeántas Gaeilge 

Féachaigí ar an taispeántas  seo chun súil siar a dhéanamh ar na téamaí a d’fhoghlaim sibh i mbliana. B’fhéidir go mbeidh aithne agaibh ar na carachtair!! 😊Cabhróidh siad libh. Cuirfidh mé téamaí nua ar an taispeántais gach seachtain.

Download Slide Show Here http://allsaintsns.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/SpongeBob-as-Gaeilge-25ú-Bealtaine-le-Ms-Lundie.pptx

Happy Friday 1st and 2nd Class,

Today I have created a Kahoot Quiz for you. It is a short, fun quiz and it revises topics covered over the past few weeks. You can even see your results on a scoreboard!!! I hope that you will be able to access it by following this link:  


Fun Family Activity

Perhaps over the weekend  you might enjoy the fun family scavenger hunt that I have created for you. 

I hope that you will all have fun hunting for everything on the list! 

Let’s see which person in your family finds everything, ticks them off on the checklist and then returns all of the items to where they found them!

Happy Scavenging,

Ms Lundie



Hi 1st and 2nd Class,

A little activity for you to do today

My Thankful Jar

A Thankful Jar can help us to reflect on the things that we are grateful for, even when times are strange and difficult just like right now!

All you have to do is find an empty jar and some pieces of paper to write on. Write something that you are thankful for on each piece of paper, and then pop them into the jar! For example, I am thankful for my parents or I am thankful for the lovely weather. You could even decorate your jar. Then, when times are challenging you can open the jar and remind yourself of all the things that you are thankful for. Below you can see a photo of my thankful jar. If you can, I’d love to see a photo of yours.

Ms Lundie


Hi 1st and 2nd Class

So here is the challenge!!!!!!

This week is known as Active HOME Week so I have a little challenge for you to complete!

 First I’ll tell you about the challenge that was set for me! Over the weekend I was nominated to run 5 kilometres!  When we are at school we go for a 1 kilometre walk and talk with 5th and 6th class every Wednesday. So can you imagine running that distance 5 times??!! I must admit that I felt very exhausted but absolutely brilliant after I completed the run!

Exercise is so important all of the time but now it is more important than ever! In school we learned that children should spend 60 minutes exercising each day.


Are you up to it?

I want you to think of 4 different ways to be active each day (while adhering to HSE Guidelines) the time spent should add up to 60 minutes.  The aim of the challenge is to try something NEW (or practice a skill that you have been learning), have FUN, get your 60 minutes of exercise each day and most importantly ENJOY!!

I’d love if you could record your activities on the chart attached and if possible, please send me a photo of the chart after you have completed it. You can send me emails during the week to let me know how you are getting on!!!

kids-sports-characters-cycle-racing-skateboarding-vector-7919918.jpgI’m looking forward to seeing and hearing about all of the different activities you enjoy this week. I might even try out some of them!

Good luck and have fun,

Ms Lundie