Dear Mrs Denniston and all the teachers and children from All Saints National School, Mullingar,

How delighted I was to hear that Bob the bear has gone to stay in Longford with you. It would be terrible if he was left alone at school, or if he had to risk being out and about without his carer with him – although I am very glad to see in your photographs that he wears a face mask. It is important to think of others at the moment. I imagine that, like us all, Bob the bear is missing his family and friends. Perhaps he has grandparents he cannot see at present? I am sure he is missing being in school and going around all the classes to see his friends. We all are – I, for one, am looking forward to visiting the school and seeing you all, especially Bob the bear, when we get back to school, hopefully in September. So i want to say a very big thank you to Mrs Denniston for looking after Bob the bear until we all come together again, and we look forward to having a lot of fun together when we do.

I hope that all the teachers in the school are well, and that parents are enjoying extra time with their children – a huge thank you to them too for being willing to do some home schooling and I bet they will all be glad when school returns!

Your lovely Rector is holding Sunday services and mid week Bible studies online all through this pandemic and we will greatly appreciate seeing Canon Alastair again soon too,

Please enjoy your time away from school, everyone, and when you see Bob the bear and Mrs Denniston again, what a joy that will be!

I am thinking of you all and cannot wait to meet Bob the bear again soon,

God bless

Bishop Pat