Good Morning Everybody, 

Before you start  putting  your books and work away for the summer I would like you to pick out 3 pieces of work from your time in lockdown. We will put these in your pupil portfolio folder.Here are some ideas………

You could choose a diary entry that you kept from the beginning of lockdown.

You could choose something you did from Schoolhub Follow Up. Remember that!

You could choose an activity you did from the Great Isolation Station Activity Pack.

You could put a few photographs together with a small caption.

You could pick some of the course work we did.

You could use the memories worksheet I gave you this week.

You could write a paragraph about how you feel about the last few months. Describe what you enjoyed and what you missed.

It’s totally up to you! When we go back to school, bring them with you and we will put them into your folder along with your other work from previous years. It would be great to have something to remind you of this unique time in your lives.

It’s a rainy morning so it’s a good day to put this together!!

Thank you!



Good Morning Everybody,

 I hope you all had a lovely weekend. This is our last week of school before the summer holidays.

On Thursday we hope to return your books, coats , art and the contents of your cubbyholes to you. 

I would ask you to bring back your musical instruments and your book loan books to school please. Those books are….

1. Planet Maths

2. Read at Home

3. Small World

4. Cois Farraige

5. Ag Sugradh

You will receive an email from the school with details on pick up times from the school on Thursday.

Last week we looked at how the piglets grew over the past 6 weeks and today we have a “before and after” look at Rambler and Raven!

 Rambler and Raven Now.JPG

 Raven and Rambler sitting in the sun.jpg

Haven’t they grown!

Have a lovely day.



Good Morning Everybody,

How are you all keeping this morning?

The siskin comes here from Russia! Would you believe it ? It belongs to the Finch family. If you look carefully in your garden you might see a goldfinch or a chaffinch.

Yesterday evening I saw some unexpected visitors wandering around outside the kitchen window……….

 Unexpected Visitors.MOV

After chasing them back into the field I found them out again in the garden…….

 Adventurous Piglets.MOV

I have a feeling we will be busy keeping them in!

Enjoy the Maths Trail. Don’t forget to put your name on it before you send it back.

Have a good weekend.



Good Morning Everybody, 

I hope you are all well this morning.

A swallow can fly at an average speed of 50 – 65 km per hour. Isn’t that amazing?

This morning Séan is providing us with our photo. A siskin flew into his window yesterday and fell to the ground. He picked it up and wrapped it in a towel. Then he put the towel in a paper bag on the ground and left it alone to rest. After a while it recovered well and flew away! Well done Séan!


To which family of birds does the siskin belong?

Have a lovely day.



Good Morning Everybody, 

I hope you are all well this morning.

The answers to yesterday’s questions were………..

1.  THe swallows get ready to leave in early September.

2.  They eat mainly insects which they catch in flight!

Zara found a swallow’s nest with baby chicks in it and we are going to show her video this morning. Great work Zara! You could be the next David Attenborough!


Can anybody tell me the average speed at which a swallow can fly?

Maths Trail

The Maths Trail will be sent out by post today and you will all have it by Friday.

It is in the form of a booklet . You answer the questions and post it back to the school where it will be corrected. We want to thank Ms. Ryan for creating this wonderful activity and I know you will enjoy it. Please remember to write your name on the front cover.

Have a lovely day.



Good Morning Everybody,

I hope you are all well this morning.

Today we will take a look back at the chicks in the nest last week.

 Mystery bird 3.AVI

Yesterday morning I filmed the swallows flying around in the sun. You might need to zoom in with the phone or computer to get a good look!

 Baby swallows in flight.MOV

Can anybody find out when the swallows return to Africa?

What do they eat?

Have a lovely day.



Good Morning Everybody, 

I hope you are all well this morning .It’s looking like it’s going to be a super day again today.

This week will be the last week of “Farm Trail with Mrs.Ashmore” so we will take a look back at some of the earlier videos and see how everything has grown over the few weeks.

Here’s a video of Betsy and her piglets yesterday.

 Betsy and her Piglets now.MOV

Here they are when they were first born……

 And then.MOV

The little swallow chicks that you saw in the nest last week have fledged (flown out). 

I will send you a video of them swooping and looping through the sky tomorrow.

Have a lovely day.



Good Morning Everybody, 

I hope you are all well this morning.

I have learned something new today. Catching a piglet is a very difficult thing to do!

They can run very fast and they squeal really loudly!

 Catching a piglet!.MOV

Piglets can squeal at more than 100 decibels! This is nearly as loud as a supersonic airliner!

When we eventually caught the piglet we put it in a shopping bag and weighed it.

 Weighing the Piglet1.MOV

So , after all that we know the piglet weighs 9 kg. The person with the closest guess was Alice who guessed 8.2kg. Well done Alice! Your prize will be in the post on Monday.

Today is our Virtual School Tour ! 

Our last stop involves a link to Youtube to go on virtual rides in Disneyland so please ask permission from your parents to view it first.

 All Saints’ Virtual School Tour

I hope you enjoy it. Pack a nice picnic , your passport and a spacesuit!

Have a lovely weekend.





Good Morning Everybody, 

Well done to those of you who thought the chicks were baby swallows. You were right !

Have a look………

 Mystery bird 3.AVI

 Mystery bird 4.AVI

It’s hard to believe that they fly 10,000 kilometres every year to come to Ireland. It takes around 4 weeks. The birds fly during the day and sleep together in huge flocks at night. They stop off at the same places every year on their journey. 

Keep an eye out for swallows around your own house or area. We see them in school swooping low over the playground.

If you see any , you might be able to see where they have their nest.

I will be sending on your Virtual School Tour in time for tomorrow morning.

Have a good day.


Good Morning Everybody,

I hope you are all keeping well this morning.

The answer to yesterday’s question about the whorl was 5 side branches. The young christmas trees have flushed now and look beautiful. 

We have a wooden shed in the garden and every year some visitors come back to it for the summer and lay their eggs in the nest. They come all the way from Africa. We have used the spycam to film their young.

Have a look…….

 Mystery nest1.AVI

 Mystery nest 2.AVI

Can anybody take a guess and tell me what sort of baby birds they might be?

 Have a good day.



Good Morning Everybody,

How are you all keeping this morning?

Today we are going to look at how Christmas Trees grow.

Of course we only think of Christmas Trees at Christmas Time but during the summer is when they do their growing. They grow in a special way. Have a look……

 Christmas Trees 1.MOV

The rosette has another name. it is called a whorl. How many side branches will it produce in that tree this year?

We have a slight change of plan for Friday. We will have our Virtual School Tour this Friday and save The Maths Trail for Friday 19th June.

Have a lovely day.



Good Morning Everybody, 

I hope you all had a great weekend. 

Thanks for all of the super photos of Pet Day and Sports Day.

This week’s competition is all about estimating the weight of one of Betsy’s piglets.

They are growing fast and I will weigh one of them on Friday morning. 

Here’s a video taken on Saturday morning.


 Betsy and her piglets 8.MOV

So remember they will be nearly one week older before we weigh one of them.

We will be having the Maths Trail on Friday. I will send it out to you via email but if you need it printed and posted please let me know.

Have a good day!


Good Morning everybody, 

Thank you very much for all of your super photos for Pet Day and Sports Day. I will be sending them on for the the website today. it’s not too late if you haven’t send in anything yet , we can add them as we go along.

Counting the chicks in real life was just as difficult as counting them in the video as you will see. However it was great fun! You will be amazed at how quickly they grow.

 Counting the Chicks 1 .MOV

Still Counting……..

 Counting the Chicks 2 .MOV

And the winner is …… Séan with a count of 54. Congratulations Séan ,your prize is going into the post today! Thanks to everyone who entered the competition. 

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe!



Good Morning Everybody,

I hope you are all well this morning.

Thank you for all of the entries in our Count the Chicks competition. You are all getting very good at counting chicks!

At the weekend we put some large stones in the chicken run for the goats.

 Beag the Goat.MOV

Can anybody tell me the word that describes a quick and nimble animal who can climb easily and has good balance? 

This is a video clip of my niece Anna’s goats having fun. These are kids (baby goats) but they won’t grow much bigger than this. 

Who can tell me what type of goats they are ?

 Goats having fun!.MP4

Keep an eye on the website for ideas for our Virtual Sports Day tomorrow.

Have a lovely day.



Good Morning Everybody,

What a  hot weekend it has been! Did you get out for a picnic ? If so send me on a photo for the slide show on our website.

This Friday is Virtual Pet Day. If you send in a photo of your pet we will make a slideshow and put it on the website. 

We will have a “Count the Chicks ” competition this week. I have sent you a video and a photo so you can try to count them when they are not moving! (Hint –  There are many more than last time!)

Send your entries in to me by Friday please.

 Count the Chicks Competition.MP4

 Short Clip of Chicks.MOV


Good morning everybody.

I hope you all enjoyed that wonderful sunshine yesterday. 

My vegetable question was quite tricky because cauliflower and broccoli look quite similar when they are growing. So do chives and scallions!

The three vegetables were scallions, cauliflower and parsnips!

Now to more important things! The results of the competition! Have a look.

 The Big Weigh in !.MOV

Thank you to everybody who entered. The person who was closest to 45 g was Finn Bennett who guessed 39.75g. Congratulations!


 Prize on its way!

Don’t forget to take a photo today if you have a picnic and you would like your photo the website.

It’s assembly this morning at 11am.

Have a super weekend.


Good Morning Everybody, 
How are you all this morning?
You might have noticed from the website that this is 
Picnic Week .If any of you are having a picnic today 
or  tomorrow ,please send in a photo and we will put 
them all together for a "School Picnic Collage".
Keep the competition entries coming. Tomorrow morning I 
will send you the video of Charlie the Chick being weighed 
and all will be revealed!
Did you notice that the wind directions were all different 
yesterday? In Mullingar the wind was coming from the west 
but in Dublin it was coming from the East!
I planted some vegetables a few weeks ago but forgot to label 
them . They are growing nicely but I can't remember  what 
they are! Today's question is.........
Can you identify the 3 vegetables in the photo?
 Mystery Vegetables.jpg
I also wanted to show you the ducks and geese in the morning 
time when they come out of the shed......
 Ducks in the Morning.MOV
Have a lovely day!
Good Morning Everybody,
Thank you for all of your competition entries. I have 9 
guesses so far and don't forget you have until Friday 
morning to send it in.
With all of this good weather I thought we should take a 
quick look at Met Eireann this morning.
Go to the "National Forecast ' map of Ireland and look at 
the wind direction around the country.
Can you tell me the wind speed and direction in the following places.........
1. Mullingar
2. Dublin
3. Galway
4. Derry
What do you notice?
Here is a little clip of Betsy bringing her piglets inside in the evening. 
Don't forget your suncream today, it's going to be hot!☀
 Pigs on the move 2 .MP4
Good Morning Everybody , 
It's another lovely day.
Well done to everyone who knew that a badger's home is a sett 
and weasels, otters ,ferrets , wolverines, pine martens and 
stoats are part of the mustelidae family.
Today we have a competition ! Ross got new chicks yesterday. 
You will see one of them in the video and you have to guess 
its weight. Email your guess in before Friday and I will post 
out a prize to the winner!
 Guess the weight Competition!.mp4
Betsy and her piglets were outside in the field for a run 
Have a look!
 Pigs on the move!.mp4
Have a good day !

Good Morning Everybody , 
I hope you had a lovely weekend. 
It's a big day for some people in our class today! 
Happy Birthday to Vicky , Allison and James!🎂🎂🎂
Well done with your weather forecasting. The wind always seems very strong in the Summer because the leaves are on the trees and they act like a sail in the wind.
The chicken tractor could be moved 280 times.
We are moving the hidden camera around now and tried it out in the forest . 
Have a look and see what we found!
 Spy in the Wild 6.AVI
Question 1 
We can see a badger running into a hole which is his home. What is it called?
Question 2 
Badgers belong to a family of small mammals called Mustelidae. Name 3 other mammals which belong to this family.
We will try another new location in the forest this week.
All of the animals are doing well on the farm . Here is a clip of some of the piglets meeting Raven.
 Raven and the Piglets.MOV
Have a great day!

Good Morning Everybody , 
What a windy day. It's a good day to look up "Met Eireann" 
and examine the weather forecast like we used to do in school. 
1. Can you name two counties that have yellow wind warnings 
for today?
2. What wind speeds will we have in Mullingar today? 
( Type Mullingar into the search box at the top of the page).
The answers to the area questions are........
1. Area of the chicken tractor = 8 m squared ( when both figures are rounded )
2. Area of field = 2240 m squared ( Sorry I can't find the squared symbol anywhere on my keyboard!)
Who can tell me how many times I can move the chicken tractor so that the chickens will have fresh grass everyday?
 Chicken Tractor 3.MOV
 Betsy and her Piglets 6.MOV
It was lovely to meet lots of your Mum's and Dad's yesterday. Hope you enjoyed the little bag of Haribos!
Have a great weekend.
Good Morning Everybody , 
It's another lovely sunny morning.
Our wildflower identification tested our skills yesterday!
The three answers were ........
1.   Wild Strawberry 
2. Bush Vetch ( the purple one )
3. Bird's Foot Trefoil ( the yellow one ) 
Well done if you got any one of those three right.
Today we are going to look at the chicken tractor in action.
I have given you 2 area questions to work out ; the area of 
the chicken tractor and the area of the field. Listen carefully 
for the measurements.
 Chicken Tractor 1.MOV
 Chicken Tractor 2.MOV
Have a lovely day.
Good Morning Everybody , 
I hope you all enjoyed the lovely sunshine yesterday. 
Wasn't the badger amazing!
The male badger is a boar and the female is a sow , just like pigs. They are omnivores so their diet is varied. They eat earthworms (mostly) fruit , nuts , seeds , insects , mice , rats , rabbits , frogs and toads! 
Badgers can run at up to 30 km per hour!
Today we are going to look at some more Native Irish Wildflowers that have come into bloom since our last walk on the Rail Trail.
 Wildflowers 2 .MOV
 Wildflowers 2 .MOV
I find "Irish Wildflowers.ie " very useful for identification.
Look carefully at the leaves as well as the flowers to help you.
Watch out for these the next time you are out for a walk. You will find them growing everywhere.
Have a lovely day.
Good Morning Everybody , 
Firstly I want to tell you the answers to Friday's question.
Yes we do call young pigs who have been weaner off their 
mothers weaners. However I discovered another unusual name 
for them. They are called shoats! (Keep that in the back of 
your mind for your next quiz!)
Now to yesterday's question , the lap that Rambler ran was 
32 metres and it took 7 minutes and 30 seconds to run 6 laps.
We moved the wildlife camera at  the weekend because we didn't 
get any more footage. There was path worn down slightly in the 
ditch and it looked like something was moving through it so we 
put the camera there. After 2 nights we found out what it was! 
Take a look!
 Spy in the Wild 3.AVI
 Spy in the Wild 4.AVI
We were really lucky  to see a badger  because they are very 
shy creatures and they only feed at night. The camera flashes 
red lights and that is what he was looking at.
So who can tell me what a male badger and a female badger are 
Can you name 3 things that they eat?
Have a lovely day!
Good Morning Everybody , 
How are you all keeping this morning?
All is well here on the farm . 
The piglets are growing bigger by the day. 
Amelia is still in the same place! She is a patient hen! 
Raven and Rambler are digging holes in my garden and have 
destroyed the shrubs! They have found a way through every 
fence and we are constantly running after them!
 Raven, Rambler and Nala.jpg

Haven't they grown! 
Take a look at the piglets as they head outside to explore.
 Betsy and her piglets 5.MOV
Rambler started to run laps of the garden looking for holes 
in the fence.
The garden was 9m long and 7 m wide. How many metres 
did he run in one lap?
It took him 1 minute and 15 seconds to run one lap.  
How long did it take to run 6 laps?
Have a lovely day.
Good Morning Everybody , 
How are you all keeping this morning?
Everything is going well on the farm as you  will see. All 
nine piglets are healthy and well . Some times a piglet might 
not survive because the mother lies on top of it by accident. 
We are keeping a close eye on them and check them every hour 
or so .
 Betsy and the Piglets 3 .MOV
 Betsy and the Piglets 4.MOV
Thanks for all of the answers to the questions.
1.  A group of piglets is generally called a litter but the 
words drift and drove are also used.
2.  There are many breeds of pigs including Vietnamese Pot 
bellied pigs, Kune Kune ,Duroc ,Hampshire , Gottingen mini 
pig , Gloucester Old Spot and of course the most unusual of 
all ,the Mangalica!
3. A.A. Milne wrote Winnie the Pooh.
Today's question is..........
What is the name given to piglets who are weaned off their 
mother after a few weeks?
Don't forget School Assembly this morning at 11 am.
Have a lovely weekend!
 --> 14/05/20
Good Morning Everybody!, 
We had a very late night last night. Betsy started to have 
her piglets at 2 am this morning!
We had a very exciting night. You can count them if you can 
and see how many she had.
Nala was amazing and looked after the piglets as if they 
were her own puppies!
Ross stayed up all night to keep an eye on Betsy and make 
sure she didn't have any more piglets.
Roy and I went back to bed at 4 am.
 Betsy and her Piglets 1.MOV
 Betsy and her Piglets 2 .MOV
Here are your questions for today.
1.  What is a group of piglets called?
2. Betsy is a Berkshire pig. Name two other breeds of 
domestic pig.
3.  The character "Piglet" appears in the famous novel 
Winnie the Pooh. Who was the author of that book?
Just for fun.
Look for an image of a Mangalica Pig !
Yesterday we saw a hooded crow on the Spy-cam. It's 
also known as a hoodie or a grey crow.
A group of crows is called a murder of crows!
Good Morning Everybody , 
Yesterday we caught a beautiful pheasant on camera. 
Today we have some thing else!
 Spy in the Wild 3.AVI
Here are your questions for today.
What is the type of bird is this?
What is its nickname? (this is also a piece of clothing)
What is a group of these birds together known as?
Betsy hasn't t had her piglets yet but we bring her inside to the shed at night time now just in case!
Amelia is still sitting patiently on her eggs . She moves around slightly every day to turn them so that they will develop properly.
The chicken tractor is finished and the chickens will be old enough to go outside at the weekend.
You haven't seen Rambler and Raven lately so here is a clip of them learning how to sit and give the paw. They were quick learners!
Have a lovely day , 
 Raven and Rambler Sit!.MOV


Good Morning Everybody , 

How are you all keeping this morning.

No piglets from Betsy yet but we did manage to get some wildlife on the spy-cam! It’s your job to identify it and let me know what it is . See if you can research its type and whether it is male or female. I will send you a picture of it to colour in later on when you have identified it!

The farm equipment Roy and Ross were making is called a ChickenTractor. Well done Finn , you were the first to find out what it is called. 

Why is it called a tractor? This is because the chicken pen /tractor is pulled to a different spot in the field or garden and this pulling creates traction! This gives the chickens inside some fresh grass to eat every day.

I will be putting the camera back on again today. You never know….we might have something new again tomorrow with any luck!

Have a lovely day. 

Bye for now , 




Good Morning everybody , 

I hope you had a great weekend.

There is no news about Betsy this morning. Today is her big day but it may be tomorrow or the next day or the next day! I’ll keep you up to date!

Our Spy in the Wild camera didn’t capture any wildlife on camera yet either! We will have to be patient I’m afraid.

Amelia Eggheart is still sitting happily on her eggs.

This morning I have sent you a video of Roy and Ross making something for the farm . Can you find out what it is and what it is used for ?

 Name that !.MOV

Amy and Rambler are reading your Irish poem for this week.

 Cá bhfuil mo Mhadra?.MOV

Thank you for your photos .It’s great to see you all and to see the wonderful things you are doing.

We are working on getting them up on our new noticeboard.

Have a lovely day , 



Good Morning Everybody , 

How are you all keeping this morning? The sun is shining and Raven and Rambler have gone missing again! …………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

It’s ok I have them!🐕🐕

Yes , the cuckoo is the bird who takes over another bird’s in a very sly way!

There is a fantastic video clip of David Attenborough telling us about a cuckoo and a reed warbler. 

Its called “Nature of the cuckoo duck – David Attenborough – BBC Wildlife” . I think you would enjoy it! Let me know if you watched it and what you think about the cuckoo’s behaviour!

This morning we attached the wildlife camera to a tree down the fields…have a look….

 Spy in the Wild 1 .MOV

We also had a look at Betsy who is getting very close to her due date!

 Betsy .MOV

Here’s a quick update on the Amelia Eggheart and the chickens. Watch out for Roy’s lovely hat!

 Chicken Shed Update.MOV

Don’t forget we have assembly with Canon Graham this morning at 11 o clock . I’m looking forward to that.

Your M.Y.M. and Spellwell answer sheets will be with you shortly.

Thanks for all of your photos.They are fantastic! I’m so impressed with how busy and creative you have been! We are working on getting them up on our noticeboard.

Have a lovely weekend !



Good Morning All , It’s another lovely day! Aren’t we lucky with this weather!

The answer to yesterday’s question was a broody hen or a clocking hen .

Well done to those of you who got it right. Look at this morning’s video to find out what’s going on.

 Broody hen.MOV

Maja’s tortilla omelette was delicious and very easy to make. I put onion and tomatoes in mine but you could put anything you like into it . Ham , cheese , peppers , Nutella (only joking!).

 Maja’s tortilla omelette.MOV

Our broody hen is going to hatch out some duck eggs (we hope )! In nature there is a bird who gets other birds to hatch out its eggs . Do you know what is is? You will here it around this time of year if you are lucky. 

Enjoy your day.



Good Morning Everybody  ,

It’s another lovely sunny morning.

Is anybody cooking their own breakfast this morning? I’m trying out Maja’s recipe from Nadia’s Kitchen this morning. I’ll send you a photo tomorrow! I hope I can make it as well as she did!

Thanks for your super photos for our noticeboard. Keep them coming please!

Now for today’s question.

Take a look at this photograph of our hen . She’s in a special mood and will be for a few weeks. 

What is she? What is she doing? 


It’s a busy morning in the farmyard.

 Breakfast time for ducks.IMG_4731.MOV

Have a listen to this guinea hen . We can hear her very early in the mornings. unfortunately!!

 Guinea Hen Sounds.MOV


Have a good day!

Mrs. Ashmore


Good Morning Everybody , 
Is anybody having an egg for breakfast this morning? Is it a boiled egg or scrambled egg? 

Could it be an omelette of French toast? Yummy !

There are so many ways to eat eggs. This morning’s video is about collecting the eggs .

 Collecting the Eggs.MOV

 Rambler and Raven in the morning.MOV

I have a super website called Eggs.ca which tells you everything you could ever want to know about eggs. If you go to the section called Eggs 101 you will see some recipes about how to cook eggs. Why not try to cook some eggs this week. Send me in a photo of what you have made  and I will put it up on the website noticeboard (with Mum and Dad’s permission!)

The answers to Friday’s questions about the geese who winter in Ireland are ;

1  Brent Geese

2  Greenland White Fronted Geese

3  Snow Geese

4 Pink Footed Geese

Well done everybody!

Have a lovely day!



Good Morning Everybody , 
I hope you are all well this morning. 

Thank you for all your emails yesterday. It’s lovely to hear from you all.

In Austria and Switzerland the cows wear bells so that the farmer can find them in the evening for milking. They can wander around the hill or mountainside during the day so they might be quite far away by evening. The farmer then follows the sound of the bells to find them.

I have sent you a video of the ducks and geese today. You will be amazed at how quickly they have grown. They go in and out of the stable on their own now during the day and they always stay together. The geese are stretching as you will see.

 Growing Ducks and Geese .mov

Quiz Question

Our geese are domestic geese but every Winter geese arrive from Iceland , Greenland and Canada to spend the Winter in Ireland. 

Can you name 3 ? (Try Birdwatch Ireland !)

I hope you all enjoy the bank holiday weekend. 

Bye for now  , 



Have a look at today’s video and see if you can find out why cows in Austria and Switzerland wear bells around their necks like Heidi.

Have a lovely day.



I’m glad you enjoyed yesterday’s animal race ! Here are the results.

                    🐾 Winner  Nala 21 mins 🐾

                        🐾2nd Place Raven 32 mins 🐾

                         🐾 3rd Place Bree 36 mins🐾

                             🐾4th Place Rambler 44 mins 🐾

                               🐐 No finish! Beag the Goat 🐐

Here’s a clip of the two puppies after the race!

 Raven and Rambler after the race 1.MOV

 Raven and Rambler after the race 2.MOV


The Old Rail Trail Quiz Part 2 

Raven , Rambler , Nala ,Bree and Beag the Goat decided to have a race. It was a 2 km course .They wouldn’t all start at the same time, of course , so we had to time them .Can you help me to work out who won the race? The starting time was 3.00 pm.

Raven : She started at 3.05 pm but got distracted by a bumblebee in a nearby bush! She finished at 3.37pm.

Rambler: He started at 3.01 pm and ran very quickly until he saw another dog on the trail and decided to follow it in the opposite direction! He finished at 3.45 pm.

Nala is the most clever of all the dogs and understood exactly what was going on. She also knew the prize was a big juicy bone. She started at 3.00 pm and finished at 3.21 pm.

Bree‘s legs are short so she doesn’t run as fast as the others .However she does have a good appetite and spotted the bone in my bag. She started at 3.02 pm and finished at 3.38pm

Beag The Goat followed Nala for a few minutes but then she spotted some dandelions in the grass verge and stopped to eat them ! She started at 3.01 and never finished at all!

Who won the race ! Tell me their race times if you can .

Have a good Day ,  Mrs Ashmore


The Old Rail Trail Quiz

1  How far is it from CastletownGeoghan to Mullingar ?

2 How far is it from CastletownGeoghan to Moate?

3  If I walk from Castletown to the Dysart Access (round trip) how far will I have walked?

4  If I cycle from Castletown to the Rosemount Access (round trip) how far will I have cycled?

5 What do the letters MGWR stand for ?



Videos From Mrs Ashmore Sent to her class each day during the week – We hope you enjoy the virtual Farm Trail