Virtual School Tour Friday 12th June 2020

Junior and Senior Infants

Bon voyage!

First Stop


Asian elephant | Webcam

9:30 am

Witness the wonderful herd of Asian elephants at Dublin Zoo. If you’re lucky, you may also see them take a plunge into their pool for a midday bath on the live webcams!

Visit the African Savanna

Write three things that you learned about giraffes

Take a trip to see all your favourite animals!!

Draw your 6 favourite animals.

Hang out with the Penguins and see what they get up to. 2.30 pm Feeding Time! Watch on webcam!



Look in children’s section at top of page

Draw a picture of this famous house.

Name of house: _________________________

Who lives here? _________________________

PICNIC TIME: Enjoy your favourite sandwiches and play some tour games after it. Football, duck, duck, goose, goose, What time is it Mr Wolf? In Mullingar town……..I saw people walking……….Simon says!

Have fun!!!


Bobs To-do list today

  • Revise all sounds and letters
  • Wordlists in Packs – 1 column per day
  • 10 minutes of reading
  • Mrs Murphys Handwriting Copy – 2 pages per day
  • Senior Infants: I have a pet
  • English Workbooks 2 pages per day Skills Book A (Junior Infants)
  • Skills Book B (Senior Infants)
  • Maths – 1 page from Maths Homework Book
  • Gaeilge – Mo Pheata
  • Tá madra agam ( I have a dog)
  • Tá peata agam – I have a pet
  • Draw a picture
  • PE activity – pick one from list above! Have fun!
  • Composting and Recycling p. 51
  • Have a lovely day


Composting and Recycling.

Using p. 51. (Explore with me)

  • Look at pictures – discuss which bin the potato skins should go in.
  • Draw children’s attention to compost bin.
  • List the things that can go in this bin.
  • What do we use this compost for?
  • Explain which items go into recycling bin.
  • Discuss the importance of recycling.

Complete p. 51

Think like a Geographer!

What can you put in the compost bin?

What happens to the waste in the compost bin?

What is compost used for?

What materials can be recycled in the recycling bin?

Extension Ideas:


Compost in a sandwich bag! Place a small amount of chopped up vegetables and a ripped up egg carton in a small zip lock bag (about half and half). Add a little drop of water and leave a small straw poking out for air. Observe the changes as they happen. In a few weeks you should have a little bag of compost. Pour it into your garden. (Bob is going to try this today ……..!)

Video: Use the tag “Composting for kids with Peppa Pig” to search internet.


Old and New Transport

Looking at p. 47 in Explore with me……..


  • The Ford Model T was produced by Henry Ford between 1908 and 1927. This was one of the first cars that people could afford
  • Steam Train: The first steam train was built in 1804 (nearly 200 years ago). In the 1850’s rail travel was cheap and people were able to travel to other cities.
  • Penny – farthing: The penny-farthing bicycle had a large front wheel and a small back wheel. The name came from the penny and farthing coins, one of which (the penny) was much larger than the other.

Can you find the pictures of these forms of transport on p.47?

Think like an Historian?

  1. Can you name the main differences between the old and new train, the old and new aeroplane, the new and old car?
  2. Has anything stayed the same for these types of transport?
  3. Which form of transport would you like to travel in?

Design a car for the future

Bob the Bears Adventures

Bob’s To Do List
o   Revise all sounds and letters
o   Wordlists in Packs – 1 column per day
o   10 minutes of reading
o   Mrs Murphys Handwriting Copy – 2 pages per day
o   English Workbooks 2 pages per day Skills Book A (Junior Infants)
o   Skills Book B (Senior Infants)
o   Maths – 1 page from Maths Homework Book
o   Gaeilge – Sa Ghairdín – Tá Lara ag sugradh sa ghairdin
o   Revise Bobs Irish Rhymes on Website
o   Mammy is working in the garden
o   Words, rothar (Bike) liathróid (ball) ag imirt peile 
(playing football)
o   PE activity – pick one from list above! Have fun!
o  S.E.S.E. – p–44 – Science (see attached!)
o  Have a lovely day
Please send Bob and teacher a photo of your Science Worksheet p. 44 for website.
Thank you!
Science – Magnets!
Story: Fionn’s painting
Fionn has painted a lovely painting. His mum admires it and 
tells him to stick it on the fridge. She says to use a fridge 
magnet. Fionn puts up his painting. Then he tries to stick 
another magnet to a kitchen press but it falls to the ground. 
He asks Sparky why the magnet sticks to the fridge and not 
the kitchen press. Sparky tells him that magnets have a 
special force that pulls some metals towards them. The 
magnet is attracted to the metal in the fridge door and 
that is why it ‘sticks’; it’s not really sticky! Sparky 
says that if something is attracted to a magnet, it is 
said to be ‘magnetic’ and if it is not attracted it is 
said to be ‘non-magnetic’
Some new vocabulary
Magnet, material, metal, push, pull, attract, repel
Challenge for today!!!
·Using a fridge magnet – walk around your house and find 
objects that will attract to your magnet. Draw a list of them.
·     Pupil Book p. 44
·     With the help of an adult using your magnet -complete
 the sheet. Take a photo and send to me!
Think like a scientist!
Answer the following questions orally……
What is a magnet?
Name three things that are attracted to magnets?
Name three things that are not attracted to magnets?
Why, do you think, are some items attracted to magnets 
and some not?
Have fun and don’t forget to put the magnet back on the fridge!!!!




Rhythm Time with Bob The Bear



Some Exciting news from Mrs Ashmore – Betsy the Pig has had her Piglets



“The Sheep Shed”
Co. Longford.
11th May 2020
Junior and Senior Infants,
All Saints’ National School,
Co. Westmeath.
Dear Boys and Girls,
Just a short letter to let you know that I have arrived safely in Edgeworthstown again. I am so excited to be back after my long winter’s holiday in Africa and I brought the good weather back with me too!!!! I had a really, really, really long journey to get here and I am a bit tired after my long flight! Everybody in Ireland is delighted to see me back as it means that spring is here and summer is on its way!

Do you know that I have travelled all the way from Africa to here? That is a really long way and I do not travel by airplane either. I left in mid-February (around Valentine’s Day).  Some of my friends feed as they go and some of my friends store up fat reserves and try and fly the long journey without stopping. I rely on flying insects for my food and these yummy insects can be found over waterways and lakes and in grassland.
I have a brain the size of a pea and look at what I can do………….I think I’m rather clever don’t you! I weigh between 10-60 grams (1 gram is the same as 1 pin for the noticeboard!) and I am about 10-24 centimetre long. (1 centimetre is about the length of your little finger nail!)

I build my nest in tree cavities or burrows, while some of my friends build their nests in mud in sheltered locations. Mammy Swallows usually lay around 3-4 eggs and when they hatch out the baby swallows cannot see for about ten days and Mammy and Daddy have to feed them. They usually leave the nest around 3 weeks later but they sometimes like to go back to roost and see Mammy and Daddy!

I hope you will be able to spot some of my friends in your garden or when you are out for a walk with your parents. Give them a wave and say Well Done on their wonderful achievement and Welcome them home again!
Send me an email if you spot one of my friends and let me know where you saw them and what they were getting up to!!!!!
The Swallow xx






Food is the theme this week

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