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The PDST Primary Health and Wellbeing Team have developed a new resource which aims to support the emotional wellbeing of children. 

In times of crisis and change, feelings and emotions can be heightened, particularly for children. The sanctuary of the classroom allows children to explore these feelings and to develop coping skills and self-regulation strategies. ‘Breathe’ invites teachers to share some of the techniques that they would normally explore in SPHE class, with children in their own homes. 

The beautiful new ‘Breathe’ resource features a range of calming breathing techniques and guided visualisations that the child can use to bring about a sense of peace and comfort in any situation. The resource, which is suitable for children (and adults!) of all ages and class levels, is accompanied by audio recordings of the guided visualisations in both English and Irish. There are currently 25 audio clips on our website and more will be added over time. 

The resource is available to access and download from

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Tips for Home Learning

Some activities for children to do at home.

Enjoy Food Dudes Fun At Home

We are pleased to invite you and your pupils to join Food Dudes Fun at Home via our website

Each week on Food Dudes Fun at Home, we will be providing free online, curricular linked resources, activity sheets, games, challenges and brand-new Food Dudes videos for the whole family to enjoy. 

The resources will be fun and educational and cater for children of all levels. New resources will be online every Wednesday in both English and Irish. The activities will cover a range of different themes each week and cover a number of curricular areas to encourage children to continue learning and having fun with fruit and vegetables. 

We understand that this is a difficult time for both teachers and pupils. We hope our website will be a resource for parents and children at home to try and maintain the healthy eating momentum that they started in school. 

Arts & Crafts

Exercice & Activity

laya Healthcare have shared there healthy and active series with us .

That is why this month, in homes across Ireland, families are being invited to take part in the Super Troopers STay at Home Series. We want to do all that we can to ensure children across the country are keeping healthy and active while at home and having fun at the same time.

We have come up with the super idea to give your students a live health homework lesson from one of our very own Super Troopers, Tom, so that everyone at home can get involved and stay active in body and in mind!

There will be everything from Yoga breathing exercises and mindfulness to games, cardio movements and lots more. He will even discuss healthy snacks so kids will know all the best ways to get their dose of healthy nutrition regularly!

All parents/guardians have to do is tune into our live series with Tom on Laya Healthcare’s Instagram channel at 12pm every Tuesday and Thursday to join in the fun. 

Families can also head over to the Family Zone on our website where there are lots more short burst activities and challenges to enjoy! 

In addition, following the success of our Easter Treasure Hunt with Johnny Sexton, we have more family fun on the way this May Bank Holiday Weekend. To get your class involved, stay tuned on Laya Healthcare’s social media channels for the ‘MayDay’ excitement to unfold!

We hope that this is a helpful support tool for you and that your students can also benefit from it greatly during this time!

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